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Sir John Templeton, pioneered “value investing” along with Professor Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffet. The founder of Templeton Investments,

now part of the Franklin/Templeton Mutual Fund Group, expanded his search for good value investment opportunities throughout the Globe and made

the following observation about the emotive reactions, opinions and daily headlines:

“Bull Markets start at the time of Pessimism. They rise on the time of Skepticism. They mature on the time of Optimism and they end on the time of Euphoria.” Ask yourself where in the current market cycle you might place our daily media rant.

Sir John also observed that: “An attitude of gratitude will prevent a Life of Fear.”

My experience has confirmed what academics in Behavioral Finance have concluded from years of research and statistical reporting; namely that Investor Returns consistently lag Market Returns in excess of 60% due to their counter-productive behavior and often bad advice from Broker/Advisors telling them exactly what they want to hear. Wall Street is dependent upon the repetition of that cycle as money moves it delivers revenue to Wall Street at the expense of its customer/clients. That is precisely why we only accept clients willing to commit to a plan with a demonstrated commitment of at least $350,000.

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Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by. I was admitted to the South Carolina Bar on my birthday, November 11, 1975 as I began to practice law in Columbia, South Carolina. Gerald Ford was President, there were no money market funds for individuals and the stock market was a miserable, terrible experience for those in it and many Left never to return…

We operate as an Investment Fiduciary with a Legal Duty of Care to only our clients not to a Firm. We have partnered with a major financial institution, with more than $600 Billion under direct and indirect management. All client accounts are custodied in the client’s name at a Private Bank never at BG Financial Advisors, LLC. This is important for client peace of mind and safety.  

As we move forward into another year, we are proud of our client relationships which average a tenure of 14 years and an average account of $1.3 Million. Our practice is National in scope and client referrals remain our # 1 source of introduction. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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Duty of Loyalty to Our Clients, None to a Firm

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